10 Best Places for Adults in Bracknell

Have you got your go-to list prepared? Because once you set foot on the Heathrow Airport, the adventurous aura of Bracknell will overwhelm you. There are actually countless recreational places to go for adults near Bracknell. So it wouldn’t be easy to select a single drop-off in your airport taxi!

In Bracknell, newer tourist attractions sprout up, now and then. For this reason, the town has become the most happening place in Berkshire. Especially for adults. You might want to stop at every other shop or arena to get your share of the fun.

But if you’re short of time, and wish to experience the best of Bracknell UK, then here are the top 10 best places of adults, you must visit!

1) Golf Course

Do you want to spend your vacations doing something you love, for example, golf? If yes, then try visiting the golf courses in Bracknell, London!

The lush green fields are not only a recreational center but a connection with nature. Imagine the swift wind swaying your hair amidst the green landscape while you aim for the target.

Indeed, such a refreshing experience is worth spending time on! Also, you can polish your skills and revitalize your mind. Some golf course places to go for adults near Bracknell include Lavender Park and Downshire.

2) Coral Reef Water World

With slides and cannons, get ready for a blast fun day at the Coral Reef Water  World! At £40 per head, the water park is one of the ideal places to go for adults near Bracknell, Berkshire. It has an outstanding indoor setup that excites every age group. 

Be lost in the maze of tunnels or ride in the pirate ship. At Coral Reef Water World, you can find all sorts of water games to play with your family and friends!

3) A Right Royale Tea in London

Are you in search of a way to lighten up your mood and have a good laugh? If yes, then do visit the Right Royale Tea near Bracknell. 

At the event, comedians crack hilarious jokes and act out a play. 

The audience is also involved, which creates an interactive environment. 

The people also get served with tea, cakes, and sandwiches. So, enjoy an evening watching plays and drinking tea! 

4) John Nike Leisure Sport Complex

The John Nike Leisuresport Complex is full of excitement and entertainment. It offers ice skating, ice hockey, skiing, and other snow-related games. Thus, you can cherish moments with your friends playing and dancing! Also, the place serves eating needs with its innovative cafe and bar.

5) Pope’s Meadow

Do you like walking in the forest amidst the tall green trees, swaying gently in the light wind? Hearing the birds chirp softly and children playing in the distance?  

If you are looking for a source of comforting your inner self and forget the stressful events, then the Pope’s meadow is an ideal place.

 The place is suitable for not only adults from Bracknell or tourists but kids too. Kids play area offers engaging activities for all age groups. So that you can stroll in peace while your children play safely in the kid’s center. 

6) The Cricketers

Very few places offer the comfort of your home, in a foreign country. And The Cricketers is one of them. Whether you want to have a glass of Pimms or a pint of real ale by the fire, The Cricketers have always got their doors open for you.

The beautifully refurbished country pub has a loaded menu of appetizing, mouth-watering starters, main dishes, and desserts. To make your Sunday epic, the Cricketers roast meat and potatoes all day long. So no matter whenever you walk in, you can always have a fresh and tasty meal to savor. 

What’s more, you can even have the time of your life in outdoor patio dining. Or perhaps, live it up with your fam in the lavish private dining room!

7) Blue’s Smokehouse

Sitting in Bracknell airport taxi, newcomers often wonder what new taste does the place has in store for them. But once acquainted with the town, everyone has a mutual opinion. Only Blue’s Smokehouse defines the term ‘Fine Dining’ in Bracknell, London.

In a relaxed, informal environment, the Blue’s serve BBQ classics in authentic flavors. They offer wallet-friendly feasts, which are finger-licking good.

Apart from scrumptious food, they offer:

• Classic Cocktails

• International and Craft Beers & Cider

• Wines

• Premium Spirits

What more could you ask for to have a perfect, fanciful night in Bracknell?

8) Lily Hill Park

lilly hill park Bracknell

A mile or less from the center of town, Lily Hill Park has forest-like woodlands and formal gardens. Undeniably, it brings the regal feel of England. Its traditional orchards, beech trees, oaks, and Edwardian Water Garden brings historic England, back to life.

After a tiring yet adventurous day in Bracknell, you can go to the park for some fresh air. As a souvenir, you can capture brilliant shots of the Green Man Sculpture. Or maybe ask someone to take some creative snapshots of you with the story-telling throne.

The place is extremely popular amongst Pokémon Go fans. That’s because you can run around freely in the 23-hectare open area!

9) Bracknell Library

Bracknell college life

Have you come to Bracknell for a special book hunt or are merely passionate about books? In both cases, the Bracknell library is a wonderful source for ultimate knowledge! You can find hundreds of books from all eras and read them in comfort. Also, you can access different landmarks from the Bracknell library.

10) South Hill Park Arts Centre

South Hill Park

With drama lingering the corridors of the South Hill Park, you can always expect to watch something incredible. The well-scripted plays and acting amaze any onlooker. The place is so famous for its acts that some people book their 247 Airport Ride directly to it. Also, the place holds short art courses. So, if you want to learn something new in Bracknell, then visit South Hill Park!


The list doesn’t end here. Bracknell is a glorious and venturesome town. And there are several other places to go for adults near Bracknell. The places that have won the hearts of millions. But if time hasn’t granted you an opportunity to dive deep into the majesty of the town, then do try out the top 10 places listed above. Surely, you will have a quality yet thrilling experience!

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