Deciphering Bracknell Map

Bracknell, the gleaming, crowning glory of England -A town that’s known for its serene-adventurous dyad. A town about which we can all confidently confirm; it is the place where you ever need to be.

But have you ever wondered, where exactly is this place on the world map? Where is Bracknell? What’s around Bracknell? How to move about in Bracknell? Or what does the Bracknell Map look like even?!

We, at 247 Airport Ride, have formulated this blog particularly to answer all of your queries in this regard. With this, we intend to provide a comprehensive guide to Bracknell’s directions and overall map. We hope it helps, happy deciphering!

In Berkshire

Bracknell is a major urban town in the county of Berkshire, England. Several other towns surround it, including Reading, Maidenhead, and Windsor. On the east and south, the Bracknell has the Crowthorne and Swinley Woods.

Originally, the town was a market village and did not expand until the 1960s. It was after the time that the need for a larger town surfaced, and the existing Bracknell inherited the surrounding areas, such as East Hampstead. Currently, Bracknell is an industrial and commercial center with impressive economic growth. 

Traveling in your Bracknell taxi, you will come to know the extremely peaceful nature of this land. An aura of relaxation lurks on the Bracknell streets and allures its local in a soothing haze. Well, when talking about the Bracknell streets, please note that you can find the navigation difficult if you do not know their names. Hence, here is a list of some Bracknell street names:

  • Abbey Close
  • Austin Way
  • Cedar Drive
  • Great Hollands Road
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Moving About

In terms of transportation networks, Bracknell is one of the most developed areas of England. The place offers three different transport means:

  • Bus 
  • Train
  • Car

Several bus services are operating in Bracknell. Some of these, like Reading Buses and Courtney Buses, get partially funded by the Bracknell Forest Council. With scheduled routes every day, this public transport serves the needs of students, working adults, tourists, etc. To facilitate the elderly and disabled, Bracknell Forest Council also provides them special passes. Using these passes, the old ones or medically unfit can travel around for free on certain routes and time.

Another way of making your way around, away, and to the town is via train. The town has a well-developed railway track, which connects the following stations:

  • Bracknell Station
  • Sandhurst Station
  • Crowthorne Station
  • Martins Heron Station

The two main operating bodies for trains include the Great Western Railway and SouthWest Trains. Both of these also provide subsidized cards for the disabled and elderly. At times, however, buying a ticket may consume way too much time and energy.

Next comes the most preferred method of travel, i.e., cars. To state the truth, the term Car has become synonymous with Taxis in Bracknell. Chiefly because owning a car is demanding, expensive, and challenging. Thus, people prefer economical, convenient, and safe rides offered by rental taxis or airport transfers UK. Along the same lines, 247 Airport Ride is also striving to bring the best of traveling to you. Check out our economical price list here.

Also, as mentioned earlier, Bracknell comprises clean, wide, and safe roads and streets. So cycling or walking is also a good idea if you’ve got the stamina!

Highlights of Bracknell

The Bracknell attains its reputation for serenity but also for adventurous venues. It’s amazing to find such enthralling and relaxing places in the town, such as South Hill ParkLily Hill Park, Look Out Discovery Centre, and Go Ape. After a day of traveling, you can munch delicious food of the best restaurants in Bracknell, including Blue’s Smokehouse and Shahi restaurant. However, to make these trips even delightful, ensure that you choose the best Bracknell taxi service.

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