Outdoor swimming venues in London

London’s outdoor swimming venues usually do brisk business since many families love to swim during summer. Others do swim throughout the year. Majority of the swimming pools and lidos are natural, chlorine-free and date from the 1900′s. London’s best outdoor swimming venues include:

1) Charlton Lido

Located along Shooters Hill Road, south east London is a 50- metre outdoor pool with extended opening hours to cater for many people who visit it. The spot is popular in all-weather since the water is heated. The pool has recently undergone a $3 million modernization and refurbishment exercise to make it a world class swimming facility.

2) Hampton Pool

This is a historic location next to Bushy Park though the pool is modern and stylish with heated water. The pool is open throughout the year even on Christmas Day. Visitors can enjoy recreational activities like diving, swimming and sunbathing on the sun terraces.

3) Brockwell Lido

Located in Brockwell Park along Dulwich Road. This 1930′s Art Deco classic measures 50 metres long. Its amenities include a health and fitness centre and a luxurious café that serves exquisite meals.

4) Tooting Bec Lido

Situated along Tooting Bec Road in South London. It is the largest freshwater outdoor pool in United Kingdom for it measures 90m long and 30m wide. Leisure seekers and bathers have trooped to this pool since 1906. There are elegant changing cubicles and a café for those who would love to relax after a refreshing time in the water.

5) London Fields Lido

Situated in London Fields Westside, it measures 50 metres long and the water is heated. The pool is usually popular on warm days since its temperatures are a bit chilly. There are two cafes and lovely sun terraces where the visitors can rest.

6) Oasis Sports centre

Located in central London along Endell Street. It’s mostly loved by people who work in Holborn as they can take a plunge before or after work. The pool measures 27.5 metres long and the water is heated. There is a café and a sun terrace to warm after a quick splash.

7) Hampstead Heath Ponds

These are three ponds located in Hampstead Heath. On the Highgate side you will find two separate men’s and women’s ponds while near Belsize Park there is a mixed pond. The temperature is warm and the setting ecstatic with swans and ducks wading on the edges. These separate male and female ponds are:

8) Kenwood Ladies Pond

Located on a peaceful and secluded area in Hampstead Heath. It admits ladies only and girls over the age of eight years for swimming and bathing. Children are not allowed to swim while children who are below sixteen years are required to first pass a swim test before been admitted. The pond opens from 7 am and closes in the evening around 6 pm.

9) Highgate Pond

It’s a popular location for male swimmers who would love a memorable experience. The water is clean and without chlorine while the surrounding air is cool. Thus this natural outdoor pond will definitely entice you to return.

10) Serpentino Lido

It is located in Hyde Park. This pool attracts people who love to swim in chilly and unchlorinated waters with ducks swimming along. Public access is limited to the summer season but dedicated swimmers are allowed to use the facility throughout the year. On Christmas Day people do come to participate or watch the ‘ Peter Pan Cup’ race. There is a paddling pool, deckchairs and a playground in the vicinity.

11) Hornsey Park Road Lido

This pool is favarouble for families with young children. It has a children’s fountain and pool for small kids. The pool is 50 metres long and its water is usually heated. The pool is usually open in May through to September and closed during winter. Moreover, the ticket prices are affordable for both adults and children.

12) Parliament Hill Lido

Located along Gordon House Road in Parliament Hill Fields, south of Hampstead Heath. It was renovated in 2005 from the original Art Deco of 1938. This is the only outdoor pool in UK boasting a stainless steel liner. The pool is 61 metres long and 27 metres wide and popular with triathlon sportsmen who use it for training. Families also frequent the pool on sunny days. There hot shower piping to warm the chilly water and a café to sample delicious meals and snacks.

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