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Top 3 Things to do in South Hill Park

For a second, the question ‘What are the top three things to do in South Hill Park?’ might sound pointless to you. Who on earth can not figure out what to do in the enthralling & engrossing South Hill Park? The 24-acre wide area, is perhaps, the most active place in the entire Berkshire. But that’s what becomes the problem too. Its exceptionally vast pool of activities often makes it difficult for the visitors to pick a few. Especially for those
who haven’t got time for a detailed tour, or are there in Bracknell for a limited time. 

To solve the very problem, 247 Airport Ride has shortlisted the top 3 things that you must not miss out on if you’re here in South Hill Park. As one of the best and trusted names in airport transfers UK, we guarantee the following three are all you need to get acquainted with the fascinating place.

Take a Walk

A calm, soothing walk in the vast, historic grounds of South Hill Park – that’s perhaps, a go-to thing if you’re here for a few minutes only. The serenity of the place is overwhelming. It’s not only entrancing but also refreshing and inspiriting. After the four-year-long restoration process, the South Hill grounds got improved remarkably. With new pathways, improvised access points, and four-way trail marks, everyone can navigate their way around effortlessly. The balancing ponds, which are home to a wide variety of fish, arouse one’s meditative and contemplative self. What’s more, you can even learn from architect Temple Moore’s original work in the Italian Garden. Or from, Lucy’s Rings of Pachamama sculpture. The scented breezes from the small rose garden and aesthetically pleasing views of Oak, Chestnut, and Birch Woodlands further refresh the soul.

Savour Scrumptious Meals

At South Hill Park, you can find some food delights that feed not only the stomach but also the soul. The Atrium and Bar serve healthiest and delicious treats throughout the day. The breakfast menu lasts from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. The lunch menu lasts from 12 pm to 5 pm, and the dinner menu served from 12 pm to 8 pm. You can also avail of the vegan menus and special Sunday menu.

Watch a Movie

The South Hill Park Arts Centre also has a fantastic cinema on the ground floor. You can watch all types of latest movies as well as live-streamed performances. This live streaming feature allows the local audience to view the
plays carried out in the Royal Opera house and Royal ballet. If your Bracknell taxi or bus has dropped you late at the cinema, then it is perfectly okay.

You can watch all the recorded live streaming. But it is always better to book a reliable Bracknell Taxi service or bus. The cinema merely has 60-seats so that there is a comfortable atmosphere. Also, the ticket is economical and affordable. For parents, there is a special bring the baby feature. Where you can enjoy a movie while your little one plays around comfortably.

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